Welcome to the Western Winter Wheat Initiative

Jan 08, 2014

With support from Bayer CropScience and Richardson International Limited, Ducks Unlimited Canada has founded the Western Winter Wheat Initiative.

The Western Winter Wheat Initiative is an organization formed to promote the production of winter wheat in Western Canada. Winter wheat is a highly profitable crop that has many benefits for growers. The Western Winter Wheat Initiative was founded on the belief that winter wheat is a valuable crop for Western Canada, and its goal is to be a support system for farmers who want to grow winter wheat.

One of our first support tactics is our new interactive and comprehensive website that encompasses statistics on the benefits of winter wheat, guidelines to winter wheat management, and tools to support winter wheat production. We have striven to create a website that has more than just information, but value in accessibility, readability, and usability with tools that support farmers in producing a high-performing crop.

We have, in addition, a support system of agronomists specifically designated to advise grain producers to help maximize the performance of winter wheat in Western Canada. These winter wheat experts are set up across Western Canada and are ready to assist farmers with any winter wheat needs. Under the AGRONOMISTS tab, find information on these agronomists and how they can support you.

It is our mission to show western Canadian farmers that winter wheat is a great crop to consider in planning your season, so peruse our new website and let us know how we can help you grow winter wheat this year.