disease outlook

Jun 16, 2015

Have you checked your winter wheat for disease recently?

The unfortunate thing is scouting for disease may not always be effective because by the time you see it, it may already have an impact on yield.

It is better to be aware of potential disease pressures and be ready to spray if conditions are right. For example, if stripe rust has been an issue in your area, if you are growing a susceptible variety, or if the environmental conditions are right for its development – spray. The same goes for fusarium head blight where the most successful producers spray at flag and again at early heading. This is a management practice that is done every year.

Early applications of fungicide (T1 or at herbicide timing) usually do not provide an economic return as the plant growth is so vigorous it outgrows the disease. This is not the case with stripe rust. Producers are encouraged to scout for stripe rust as soon as possible if it’s an issue in your area. Folicur fungicides are usually effective in treating stripe rust early and an extra application may be needed prior to heading.

For more information on diseases and weeds, visit our pest management page or contact your local agronomist.